The Netherlands

March 9 - 13 2022

440 km

55 hours

25 teams



Running & Hiking




Navigation  Orienteering

 Special Tasks


and a little bit of sleep...

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An outstanding Adventure Race in the Netherlands!


In a mixed team of 4 members you can discover the Netherlands during this three-days adventure race.


You will receive maps with marked checkpoints from the organization. Together with your map & compass you create your own route and navigate over the Dutch hills, through forests, over meandering rivers, along dolmens, lookout towers and moraines.

This route will include old landscapes, small villages and also new industrial areas.









As a complete team, you reach a distance of more than 440 km on foot, by wheels or over water. You get maximum of 55 hours to finish the race.


You will change disciplines during the race and encounter a number of special tasks, but above all you create your own adventure!


The organization provide the basics and you provide the final content. Are you ready to race? Get your team together, sign up and grab all your gear for the Adventure Race Holland 2022 ...


We looking forward to see you in the hotel lobby on March 9th, 2022!


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