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Early bird & Standard starting fee

The starting fee for the Adventure Race Holland 2023 is €1400 for the Early bird, after May 5 2021 the Standard starting fee will be €1800.

This is included in the starting fee...

Before the race

  • Website, VIP (Very Important Paper) with Magazine, Roadmap & Roadbook

  • Accomodation & meals for the teams March 8 2023 until the bus depart on March 9 2023

  • T-shirt

  • Race organization

  • 1 re-supply box for team gear & transition (110L)

  • Briefing

  • Bus transfer to the start


During the race

  • Start event 

  • GPS tracking

  • Race bibs

  • Waterproof marked maps

  • Orange Punchcard Checkpoints System & Selfie CP's

  • Transfer of canoes, kickbikes & gear

  • Canoes & paddles for canoe-sections

  • Kickbike for the kickbike-sections

  • SUP & paddles for the sup-section

  • Medical staff

  • Live coverage

After the race

  • Special finisher medal

  • Accomodation & meals for the teams after finishing until 12:00 on March 12 2023

  • Ceremony dinner & Race Party

  • Recovery breakfast on Sunday

  • Relive the route

When is the registration open?

The registration will open on the 22th of April 2021 (12:00 local time) and close on the 1st of June 2021 or when the first 25 teams secure their spot.

After signing up the team will have 72 hours to secure their spot by paying the deposit of €250 or the full starting fee. 

The registration is complete once the team paid the full starting fee and only then will the team appear on the startinglist on this website.

Deposit is €250 and it is nonrefundable. We do not want people registering if they are not fully committed to race at Adventure Race Holland 2023.

After securing their spot team will have untill June 1 to pay the rest of the starting fee.

The race continues with at least 15 teams, if there are no 15 teams registered, the starting fee will be returned.

25 registration places

For the Adventure Race Holland 2023 there is a maximum of 25 teams.

12 places reserved for Dutch teams, in order of registration;

12 free places, in order of registration;

1 wildcard.



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