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Welcome to the Regulations of the Adventure Race Holland. We have some rules to make sure it is going to be a fair competition. We also like to be able to host a race in the next years in the areas we want to.

Local changes and additions to these rules may be applicable and will be stated in the Roadbook.


Fair play

Adventure Racing is a gentle(wo)man's sport. This means that teams follow the stated rules and descriptions in the Roadbook, and assume the competitors do the same. The same goes for instructions from race officials. If a team is encountered that is in trouble, they must be helped, if they want to. Time used for helping is credited by the race organisation. Deliberately not helping a team in need can result in a penalty. And off course we race without doping…😉


Trash and the environment

Leave only footprints! Specific rules regarding natural reserves and other protected areas are stated in the roadbook. This could be areas, where it is not allowed to leave the established trails. Carry trash with you and dispose it in trashcans.


Traffic rules

All traffic rules must be followed (including respecting red lights, keeping right and having lights on the bike after dark) Respect private property, do not cross fences, gardens and fields (planted and unplanted), unless the roadbook states otherwise. Other potential forbidden areas are marked on the maps.


Maps & GPS

The race organisation hands out all legal map materials either prior to the start or during the race. Maps not given by the race organisation are not allowed, except publicly accessible maps, like touristic maps for example. Checkpoints are visited in numerical order, unless otherwise stated in the Roadbook.


A marked course on the route (or between 2 CP's) is mandatory. A mandatory course is often due to a necessary railroad or highway crossing. GPS units or watches with background maps are not allowed during the race.


Mandatory equipment

Mandatory equipment must be carried at all times, and may only be left if the roadbook says so. Stage specific equipment can be left at a TA in the team gearbox or PFD bag conform the Roadbook.


Race officials might carry out equipment checks throughout the race.


Outside help

The team must advance around the course by it's own means, this means no motorized transportation or outside help. By outside help, distortive help is meant. Simply put: ask yourself if all teams have the same possibility for help, for instance it is allowed to buy food in shops along the course or fill water from public taps, since all teams have this possibility.



There is one race category: mix teams of four, all members over 18 years of age.

The whole team needs to be gathered at all checkpoints, before continuing. All team members must be within 5 metres of a checkpoint before continuing. There may be some stages or checkpoints, where physical contact is required before continuing for example at a Special Task or to take a mandatory Checkpoint photo.


The team has only crossed the finish line when the last team member crosses.


All starting team members must complete the course, for a team to receive a ranking. A team may continue unranked as long as at least two team members remain. The race organization needs to be informed as quickly as possible if a team member or the entire team withdraws, either at the next manned TA/CP or over phone. It is the teams own responsibility that punch control cards are intact, controllable and contain team name and number.


It may be possible that a single checkpoint is used more than once in that case it is not allowed to punch the cp in all punch card control fields at once. Likewise, if the team passes nearby a checkpoint intended for later along the course, it is not allowed to punch it. In case a checkpoint is missing, and the team is sure they are in the right place, the team may continue and report it at the next manned TA/CP. If the checkpoint is indeed missing, the team will be credited the checkpoint without penalty. If the checkpoint is not missing, the race official can allow the team to return to that checkpoint before following the Adventure Race Holland.



The winner of the Adventure Race Holland is the team that completed all the legs -by the racing discipline specified (included all TA's & special tasks)-, with all checkpoints collected, in order (unless specified otherwise) and in the fastest time.

If no team collects all checkpoints the winner is the team with most checkpoints collected in order.


If two or more teams have the same amount of CP’s collected in order the team with most CP’s collected in total is ranked higher.


After the team breaks the chain of CP’s in order, any teams that collected just one CP in order more than your team will be ranked higher. 


Compensations & penalties

Race officials may be at different places along the course to ensure that the rules are being followed, both from obvious places, and hidden locations. Race officials have the right to give teams:


A time penalty: is added to the teams race time.


A time bonus: if a team shows fair play and for example helps another team, a time bonus may be awarded and will be subtracted from the race time.


Disqualification: is most often given to violations but may also be used in severe cases of rule breaches or obvious cheating. If a team is disqualified, they are allowed to continue unranked.

Adventure Race Holland

Make your own adventure!


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