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quick facts 2023

  • March 8-12th 2023

  • Team category: mixed teams of 4, over 18 years of age 

  • Startingfee: 1400 euro early bird, 1800 euro standard

  • Accomodation: hotel rooms for your team & meals included

  • Disciplines: run, hike, mountain bike, kickbike, canoe, sup, navigate, orienteer & special tasks

  • Distance: 440 km

  • Course open: 55 hours

  • Logistics: transfer of bike boxes, gearbox, PFD-bags, canoes, kickbikes & bus transfer to start

  • Equipement provided: canoe & paddle, sup & paddle, kickbike, gearbox

  • 3 provinces, 8 nature reserves, 10 Transition Areas, 12 legs, 100+ Checkpoints

  • minimum teams: 15

  • maximum teams: 25

Race schedule

Wednesday - March 8, 2022

  • Check-in Brinkhotel Zuidlaren, The Netherlands

  • Reception & Registration

  • Gearbox & Race bibs distribution

  • Tracker instructions

  • Race equipment & skills check-up

  • Fotoshoot

Wednesday - March 8, 2022 - Evening

  • Dinner

  • Opening ceremony

  • Race briefing

  • Drop off: PFD bag, bike boxes & gearbox

Thursday - March 9, 2022

  • Racebreakfast

  • Transfer by bus to start - location unknown

  • Start event of the Adventure Race Holland 2023

Friday - March 10, 2022

  • Raceday

Saturday - March 11, 2022

  • Finish for the fastest teams

  • Race finish - 55 hours from the start

  • Bath, Bed & Beer

  • Dinner

  • Award & closing ceremony

Sunday - March 12, 2022

  • Recovery breakfast

  • Check-out & say goodbye

Gearlist & Regulations

The Adventure Race Holland Gearlist and Regulations apply for the Adventure Race Holland 2023.

All items in the Gearlist are mandatory for the Adventure Race Holland 2023.


We will add climbing gear once we decide on climbing/roping section.


Any additional rules will be clearly explained and presented prior to the race. 

Download here the Race Magazine 2023... somewhere in 2022...


Boxes and Bag

We will provide 1 re-supply gearbox per team, approx 110L.

Only this box may be used at the race.

This box will be available at the TA's on the route confirm the roadbook.

Maximum weight of the box is 25 kg.

Gearbox Iris 110 L.JPG

All the teams will have to bring their own bike boxes for a safer and easier transfer during the race. The maximum size of the bike box is 160cm * 90cm * 30cm.

We advise you not to use cardboard boxes or if you do try to waterproof them as best as you can. 

You can get a bicycle box from the bicycle repair shop or you can make one yourself. ​

​You can store additional gear in the bike boxes but maximum total weight can’t be over 25 kg.

All the teams will have their own bag just for their own PFD (or if desired wet-suits). Paddles will be provided. You can't use your own paddle. We will transport the PFD-bag to the canoe and sup sections. Only gear related to water activities is permitted in de PFD-bag, no food, water or extra clothes.


The winner of the Adventure Race Holland 2023 is the team that completed all the legs -by the racing discipline specified (included all TA's & special tasks)-, with all checkpoints collected, in order (unless specified otherwise) and in the fastest time.

If no team collects all checkpoints the winner is the team with most checkpoints collected in order.


If two or more teams have the same amount of CP’s collected in order the team with most CP’s collected in total is ranked higher.


After the team breaks the chain of CP’s in order, any teams that

collected just one CP in order more than your team will be ranked higher. 

logo TTR xxl jpg.jpg


The Adventure Race Holland 2023 will use 1:25.000 standard Dutch topomaps for all sections. All the checkpoints will be marked on the maps. The maps will be waterproof, each team get one set of maps.

ARH Kaart website finish Brinkhotel.jpg


Special reminder for every finisher of the Adventure Race Holland 2023

Sponsor prizes for top 3 teams

1st Place receives free entry to Adventure Race Holland 2024

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